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Dress Code

Compliance with the dress code is mandatory and students not dressed according to the code will be sent home for proper attire.
  • Navy Blue or White SOLID color collared shirts. This can include button up shirts or polo shirts.
    • Shirts should not be light blue or have patterns.
    • Tank tops are not part of our dress code.
    • Long sleeved shirts worn under a collared shirt should follow our colors of white or navy blue.
  • Navy Blue or Khaki Pants, shorts, skirts or dresses.
    • Please be sure shorts, leggings or tights are always worn under skirts and dresses.
    • Shorts, skirts and dresses should be just above the knee or longer. Please no short-shorts.
  • Shoes must have a back on them. Flip-flops and clogs are not part of our dress code.
    • Open-toed shoes are not permitted on PE days, field trips or field day.
  • Sweaters and sweatshirts should be Navy Blue or White if they are being worn during class. If it is just being worn at recess and to and from school, then it does not need to be part of our dress code.
Sweats/pajamas/workout pants are not considered part of our dress code. All students will be held to the dress code. If a student is not in compliance, then he/she will be written up and he/she will need to change.